My Services
for which I enter the ring.

In the course of my work as a lawyer/attorney and defence lawyer, I have constantly expanded my fields of activity, kept up to date, in order to support my clients with the best expertise and quick-wittedness, so that you get your rights and are optimally represented.

Criminal Law

To enable a smooth coexistence in our state, there are laws that prohibit certain acts and establish penalties for these prohibited acts. These regulations are laid down in the criminal code. For example, anyone who steals or injures someone will be summoned to court and fined or imprisoned.

If you have been robbed, deprived, or assaulted, you are often entitled to claim compensation. Since the fine imposed on the offender is paid to the state, the victims themselves must ensure their rights. It is not always necessary to go to court for this; an out-of-court settlement is also possible. As your lawyer, I will show you the best way to get your compensation.

To ensure that those accused of a crime are given full justice, the appointment of a lawyer is indispensable. As your lawyer, I will walk with you through the entire criminal process and stand by your side with my many years of experience.

Civil Law

Civil law or also private law regulates the cohabitation between persons (natural or legal persons), whereby both parties are legally on the same level. This includes, for example, the following areas:

  • Tort
  • Ownership/Property Right
  • Inheritance Law
  • Family Law
  • Contract Law

To spare you legal proceedings, a private agreement out of court is often the better way. As your lawyer, I will be happy to advise you on the advantages of a private agreement, such as saving time, no court costs and easier restoration of the previous relationship with related parties.

Transport Law

Transport law covers all areas of law that involve the transport of goods or persons. These include, among others, forwarding contracts, freight contracts and storage contracts. Since these often involve cross-border matters, the legal provisions are overly complex. This can lead to high costs in case of legal disputes. Benefit from my competence and experience. Let me advise you and protect you from legal disputes

Labour Law

Both employees and employers have rights and obligations which are regulated by certain rules. Whether it is a new contract of employment or termination, discrimination, working time regulations, vacation policies or closures, I will guide you competently through the confusing path of labour legislation.
Whatever side you are on, through my experience and empathy I will gladly answer your questions and inform you about your rights.

Tenancy Law & Right of Residence

Tenancy law and the right of residence comprise a very extensive field of law which is subject to constant change. Contracts that fall under the tenancy law should be regularly reviewed to rule out illegalities. Whether tenant or landlady/landlord, with me you are on the safe side.