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RA Mag. Martin Adam

Your concern best represented.

As an experienced and renowned lawyer, I am the strong partner at your side and represent you in all legal matters. From the analysis of your problems, the development of a tailored strategy, to the professional execution of your legal proceedings, I will guide you safely and effectively through the legal system. In my 15 years of experience I have solved many cases to the complete satisfaction of my clients. Since 2009, I have been working in my law office in the middle of 1080 Vienna individually and competently for all legal concerns. Through my cooperation with the Viennese law firm LEGALPARTNERS you will now benefit even more.

I started my extensive experience and education at the secundary school Bundesgymnasium Fichtnergasse and the commercial academy Bundeshandelsakademie Maygasse, both in 1130 Vienna. After my secondary school certificate, I gained international experience at Trinity College London GB. Furthermore, I started my law studies at the University of Vienna and worked as a study assistant at the Department of Legal and Constitutional History.

Full commitment to your right.

Not only in challenging times that specialists and experts are needed to represent your rights. No matter what the issue or case is, as a lawyer I am happy to advise and support you in the following fields of activity:

As a victim or accused of a crime seeking justice, I will show you all the possibilities to obtain your rights.

Whether compensation, property, inheritance, or family matters, with my experience you are in safe hands.

Whether national or international transports, liability for transport damages, assistance with forwarding contracts and collective agreements, you benefit from my competence and experience.

In my law office both employees and employers find in my law firm the strong support for their rights.

With my up-to-date knowledge of the latest changes in tenancy law and right of residence, I support your interests as property management, tenant, or landlady/landlord.

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